Living with RSI

It started with a twinge. In 2006 I was a new freelancer who jumped at every job offered me. Sometimes that meant working 50 hours a week, but I’d happily do it because I knew that next week, there might be no work at all. I couldn’t believe I was getting paid to write; the very idea of turning work down seemed ridiculous.

Recent work: iCAN Experiences

When someone you love celebrates a significant birthday, do you send flowers – or pay for them to experience something unforgettable? The idea of giving “experiences” as gifts went mainstream with Red Letter Days in the early 1990s, but until now there’s been a huge gap in the market.

If you have a disability, it’s not easy finding an activity provider that meets your needs. It’s not impossible, but the extra work involved - contacting operators, explaining your disability and asking questions – is offputting.

Upcoming event: art exhibition exploring dyscalculia and NvLD

Alexa Raisbeck remembers shop assistants laughing at her because she couldn’t work out the correct change. It took her five years of searching to find out that her problems had a name: dyscalculia. Now she’s a successful artist.

Her current exhibition, Hidden, runs for three days next week in London and explores what it’s like to have an undetected non-verbal learning disability (NvLD).

A sporting chance

Publication date
August 2002

“Everyone’s kicked a football at some point in their lives,” Nicky Malson says. “It’s something everyone can relate to.” It’s also something a lot of people take for granted, just like a trip to the swimming pool in summer or a jog in the park or a kickabout with friends.