I’m Kate Griffin, a communications professional living and working in Oxfordshire.

What can I do for your organisation?

I write copy. I mainly write for the web these days but I have extensive print experience too.

I edit and proofread other people’s copy. (And if you’re having trouble getting started at all, I can ghostwrite it for you.)

I can run your organisation’s social media channels and/or deliver training on social media for your employees or Board.

If you’re moving your organisation’s website to a new CMS, I can do the web content uploading and editing.

I also do the occasional piece of genuine journalism.

More about me

I blog about a range of things, including usability, social media, environmental issues and how businesses relate to human beings.

I’m currently the chair and communications officer for Global Justice Oxford.

I’m very interested in environmental and sustainability issues. I’m sometimes known as the “plastic-free lady” because in 2013 I attempted Plastic-Free July and blogged about my struggles for Sustainable Witney. This included writing a survival guide for low-plastic living in Oxfordshire. I was interviewed by the Witney Gazette and I’ve given talks on plastic-free living for and Oxford Brookes University. I’m delighted that a group of people in Croydon were inspired to join me for Plastic-Free July 2014.

You can contact me on griffinkate [at] gmail [dot com].