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Stop talking about the trolley problem

Five people are tied up on the tram tracks...and there’s a tram heading straight for them! You can pull a lever to divert the course of the tram, but if you do that, it’ll go onto another track that also has someone tied up on it. So you either actively choose to kill one person, or passively allow five people to be killed. What do you do?

No, don’t answer that. I don’t care.

Hootsuite followup: reporting them to the ICO

This is a follow-up to my post about my experience with Hootsuite, who stored my credit card details without my consent. We hit a deadlock because they repeatedly refused my requests for some contact details so I could get in touch with them. They kept asking for my contact details, but I was reluctant to engage with them on such one-sided terms, especially when my whole problem is with their misuse of the information I’ve already supplied.

Hootsuite: let my experience be a warning

Part of my work, both paid and voluntary, involves running social media accounts for various organisations. I often try out different software for scheduling tweets, measuring social media engagement and so on. A year ago I decided to upgrade my Hootsuite account to a Pro (paid) account so I could access the analytics service.

Driverless cars

The Oxford Times recently ran a story about a cyclist who became trapped under a car. A group of passers-by managed to lift the car off her before the paramedics arrived and are rightly praised in the article for their heroic actions.

Winning compensation from EE: lessons learnt

In my previous blog post I told the epic tale of how I finally got £300 compensation out of EE (trading as T-Mobile) despite epic stalling on their part. Based on that experience, here’s my advice to anyone else thinking of doing battle with a terrible phone company.