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Demand in glove

Ski gloves getting a bit grubby? Need to give them a wash? No problem. Here are your instructions:


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This is your irregularly scheduled update of what I’ve been doing since I last blogged on this site.

I wrote about some friends’ horrible experience with Vintage Bus Hire Ltd of New Romney. You can read my blog post on The Restless Consumer; I hope it will warn others not to use this firm for wedding transport.

The limits of Facebook activism

Yesterday afternoon, a cyclist died of injuries sustained when she was hit by a left-turning HGV in London. The incident happened on the site of what will be the North-South cycle superhighway – if it ever gets built. If it gets built, this kind of terrible “accident” can’t happen again.

For World CML Day: a book of patient experiences

I’m delighted to announce that the book I’ve been working on all summer has now been published! It’s a book of interviews with people who have chronic myeloid leukaemia (CML) and the idea behind the book is to convey the real-life experiences of people with this chronic illness. I hope that it shows the diversity of possible responses and also the positive side of life with this condition.

A trivial copywriting tip

Having trouble getting your copy right? Try doing it three times. Yesterday I happened to mention on Twitter that the “write three versions” trick wasn’t working for me, which prompted another writer to thank me for the idea. That’s when I remembered that – as far as I know – I invented this technique, which is why other people won’t have heard of it.