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For World CML Day: a book of patient experiences

I’m delighted to announce that the book I’ve been working on all summer has now been published! It’s a book of interviews with people who have chronic myeloid leukaemia (CML) and the idea behind the book is to convey the real-life experiences of people with this chronic illness. I hope that it shows the diversity of possible responses and also the positive side of life with this condition.

A trivial copywriting tip

Having trouble getting your copy right? Try doing it three times. Yesterday I happened to mention on Twitter that the “write three versions” trick wasn’t working for me, which prompted another writer to thank me for the idea. That’s when I remembered that – as far as I know – I invented this technique, which is why other people won’t have heard of it.

Thirst as a lifestyle choice

As we approach the start of Plastic-Free July (and yes, I will be blogging about it again this year) I was interested to hear that the Glastonbury Festival organisers are trying to reduce plastic waste. Good for them. How are they doing it?

Being orijunal

This week, Kirsty Allsopp told her daughter to have children before her fertility drops off a cliff. This was bad because a) she’s taking no steps to have these dangerous cliffs fenced in b) her daughter doesn’t exist c) she didn’t really say that to her daughter, because her daughter doesn’t exist.

Introducing Dear Leonard

Harry Dymond is a man who notices the little things and tries to fix them. Like a dripping tap, or a box left behind in a skip. Unfortunately, he’s not so good at the big things, like seeing any purpose in life after retirement, or working out why his wife is on the point of leaving him. Then things get interesting. Way too interesting.