When bad copy is impressive

Unless you’re obsessed with copywriting, it’s easy to forget that packaging blurb has to actually be written by someone. Mostly it’s like incidental music for films – if the consumer is reminded of the creation process, you’re probably doing it wrong. But sometimes it just jumps out at you.

Make The Flowing Into A Crystal Clear Sheen Freely. Your Bathing Room Will Become A Dreaming-World with Sparking Three-Color Temperator, Blue Of Green Color, Colorful Gradient.

That’s a genuine example, taken from the box of something my mum bought this week. I wonder if anyone can guess from the blurb what the item actually was.


Christi (not verified)

Sat, 2012-02-25 20:47

I'm going to go with an led temperatlure sensing shower head, mostly because I desperately want such a thing to exist.