Upcoming event: Oxford Geek Night tonight

Tonight is the tenth Oxford Geek Night. (All the cool kids are calling it OGNX, or so I hear.)

Chief geek-herder J-P Stacey has a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it slot on Radio Oxford today at 12:30pm.

I’m looking forward to the keynote talk on Twitter Ethics from Sylwia Presley of viral marketers 1000heads. I’m also intrigued by Tim Davies’s talk, "The web and adolescents". Davies seems to be all about using the web to engage young people in positive activities and greater social participation. I’m very interested in how he manages to push this approach in a traditionally under-resourced sector, especially given institutional resistance to new ways of doing youth work.

[Full disclosure: despite being more Luddite than geek myself, I share my life with the chief geek-herder.]