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Dear [insert name of power company here],

I’m currently looking for electricity suppliers for my vibrant, up-and-coming house and I came across your website. We’re looking for an electricity supplier who can power the fridge, the washing machine and other electrical appliances. We want someone who can deliver electricity quickly as required, ideally in a no-fuss quirky way that “fits” with our house style.

Is this an opportunity you would be interested in? Sadly we can’t pay you as there is currently no budget for an electricity supplier. The household has been running for less than four years and financially we’re not in a position to offer financial compensation to our power suppliers. However, the outside of our house is visible to most of the neighbours as well as many passers-by. Providing the electricity that lights our house will bring you valuable exposure that will almost certainly help you to secure paid work in future. You will also be able to add your experience of powering our home to your portfolio, and we’ll be happy to give you a reference provided you don’t mind asking five times first.

Please let me know as soon as possible if you think you could be my household’s new electricity supplier. Then we’ll just ask you to sign a disclaimer saying that you’re legally responsible for any electricity-related accidents within the household. (You have insurance to cover that stuff, right?) Then we’ll go quiet until the moment we need some electricity from you.

Looking forward to welcoming you to the team.

Best wishes,